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In The Aether:

Duotrope Editor Interview

Free State Review @ East End Book Exchange

Little Patuxent Review: Meet the Neighbors

C.L. Bledsoe Reviews FSR over at Monkeybicycle

Blogger Dakota Garilli reviews FSR

Mike Begnal on FSR Issue 1

Coal Hill Review Interview with Barrett Warner

FRS Reading at Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD

>>>Read our Editor Interview on Duotrope's website to get a feel for what our crazy brains are looking for.

>>> Free State is packing for the night and headed to Steel City. Editor Barrett Warner and contributors Brian Tierney, Barbara DeCesare, and Jessica Lynn Dotson will be reading at the East End Book Exchange in Pittsburgh on April 17th. Reading starts at 7:00 and is free. FSR Issue 1 books will be available for purchase. Visit the Facebook Event page for more information or contact us with questions.

>>> Little Patuxent Review's Ilse Munro talks to Barrett Warner about identity, and the cultural influence from little giants such as ourselves. Read the post here.

>>> Oh gee golly, gosh, you shouldn't have, but since you did, thanks C.L. Bledsoe for the nice words. He highlights some great work from Issue 1. Read the review over on Monkeybicycle.net.

>>> Blogger Dakota Garilli out of Pittsburgh, PA highlights the upcoming reading & talks up our clean aestetic. We promise you our behind-the-ears are clean too, Dakota. Skip over to his blog here.

>>> More from the blogosphere, Irish/American poet Michael Begnal has some thoughts about Issue 1 here.

>>> Coal Hill Review out of Pittsburgh, PA talks to editor Barrett Warner about sending our baby out into the world. Read their blog here.

>>> So, we are totally on top of our game,but mark your calendars now! Contributors from Issue 1 & 2 will be reading at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD July 21st. The reading will be 2:00-4:00pm, free, with both issues available for sale. Event details here, Facebook event page to come.