Free State Review is a literary journal that comes out four times every three years.

Want to know what we’re into? Peruse our site and/or order a copy, then hit us up!

Free State Review is a literary journal that comes out four times every three years.


Want to know what we’re into? Peruse our site and/or order a copy, then hit us up!

New and Forthcoming!

Our New Authors

chosen from our Summer 2022 reading period

Sam Schmidt, Dark Bird, a collection of poems about a tree.

Andy Bieman, Brocken Spectre, a novella about Zyg, a field recording hobbyist who has been trying to record two footsteps that never seem to turn out right.

Camille Newsome, The Suffering and Scrumptious World, a chapbook of poems exploring themes of farm work, long road trips, and community living.

Clayton Clark, Auscultate, a collection of poems which investigate the body in many of its forms: humans and animals, plants and fungi, bodies of water, bodies of knowledge, bodies of art, and even bodies of bodies.

J.A Bernstein, Afterlight, a memoir of an Israeli soldier unable to prevent his political irony from becoming his personal crisis.

Special mention goes to these writers whose works also sang to us —

Chloe Chung Seim, Churn (stories)

Michael Giddings, Pet Talk (stories)

Fred Dale, Geometric Matters (poems)

Laton Carter, The Woman with a Window Where Her Heart Should Be (poems)

John Mauk, The Hooligan Present (stories)

Daniel Adler, Here I Am Today (Novel)

Ceridwen Hall, Acoustic Shadows (poems)

Joanna Acevedo, They Were Beautiful Years Too (stories)

Monica Viera, Untethered in New Orleans (poems)

Blood Histories functions, in part, as an experiment in confession, interrogating how we are educated and educate others into and out of existence … There are lines in this collection that no one has written before—that, perhaps, no one has ever even thought but has only felt.”

– Brenna Womer, author of honeypot

The Bubbler

Writing and Stuff

Writing and Stuff

THIS IS PROBABLY THE WORST TIME- to launch a Substack. We have three new poetry titles at our fresh squeezed lemonade stand and also Ashley Cowger's wild collection of short...

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Steven Luria Ablon, Carol Alexander, Ray Ball, J. A. Bernstein, John Bonanni, Jessica Bonder, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Nick Chhoeun, Chelsey Clammer, Douglas Cole, Adam P. Davis, Steve Denehan, Lawrence Di Stefano, Barbara Westwood Diehl, Kari Ann Ebert, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Marc Frazier, Matthew Freeman, Wendy Guerra, Susan Eve Haar, Jennifer Keithi, Evalyn Lee, Terry Lucas, Rue Matthiessen, Sera Miles, Oak Morse, Elisabeth Murawski, Tamra Plotnick, Ankur Razdan, Kathryn Pratt Russell, Will Russo, Esther Sadoff, Michael Salcman, David Salner, Jacqueline Schaalje, Esperanza Hope Snyder, John Struloeff, Andrew Vogel, Elle Cee Wallace, Julia Wendell, Abby Wheeler, Charity Winters, Haolun Xu 

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