Acropolis Oya Overlooks the Bay

Nov 9, 2020 | Bubbler

Oh, enelysios, we greet  
the summer dawn  
gulls quiet, doves hushed 
fishing boats troll  
their exit from Agios Giorgios 
I woke startled from this fetid dream  
a tangle of taught possibilities and discomfort 
nippled volcanoes emerged 
and the ocean soothed the battle bronte 
washed the mythos of human existence – 
goats, donkey saddles, local honey 
ants – if they sleep – are the first to awaken 
even they go back for the dead 

cannibal or not – nothing goes to waste 
is still honoring atop their shield of carapace 
Oh, enelysios, I kept the oath three times 
swept forth across the plains as wind shears 
of justice and triage  
I who remain by the alter 
I who remain by the olive tree 
I who remain by the sacred well 
clears your way – blaze doors with the sword of Astrape 
abandon not my post 
More ancient than these chiseled stones  
spit forth from the annals of Khaos – 
I remember and return – Oh, enelysios, 
I smear survivors’ guilt 
on fresh bread to start my day 
this is the sea you pour  
on the alter rock of broken amphorae  

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Sundress Best of the Net Nominee, Suzanne S. Rancourt, is of Abenaki/Huron descent. Author of Billboard in the Clouds, Northwestern UP, received the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas First Book Award, and murmurs at the gate, Unsolicited Press, released in 2019. Old Stones, New Roads, Main Street Rag Publishing ,forthcoming Spring 2021. She is a USMC and Army Veteran who holds degrees in psychology, writing and expressive arts therapy. Suzanne is widely published.  Please visit her website for a complete publication list: