Jessica Lynn Dotson’s Seeing Distance

Jan 30, 2024 | Bubbler, FSR

“I have long spent a lot of time out in the middle of the woods with my camera. I think my desire to then begin taking portraits sprang from a strong dislike of the work I saw coming from male photographers. The art I saw coming from them felt extemely flat and one-dimensional, and they were missing so much of the language of femininity. While the models may be in lingerie or altogether nude, there’s no air of sexuality coming from myself as the photographer. And so, stripped of that–how many more narratives become possible? I aim for a sort of anti-voyeurism where there is nothing in it for the viewer to either take or contribute, and so they are forced to only be a witness. Letting the scene unfold outdoors pushes it further–we see vulnerability without weakness, solitude without sadness, and an intense introspectiveness. I have always felt a strong personal independence and when others are able to explore that without the boundaries and confines they’ve been stuck with before, I find what comes out of that to be extremely beautiful and powerful.”