Past Contests

Heavenly Creatures Contest

Free State Review’s “Heavenly Creatures Contest” commemorates the luminous kite photography of celebrated darkroom artist Sally Gall, a photographer who has visited kite festivals around the world from Long Beach, Washington to Cervia, Italy and Fano, Denmark. These festivals are both ethereal performances and merry social gatherings, uniting thousands of kites into a spectacle of choreographed dances, fights, and competitions. Check out the New York Times slideshow here. 

In this spirit, submit a poem or flash fiction written as a love letter to the sky. The winner will be featured in our Spring 2019 issue and will receive an artist proof signed by Sally Gall valued at $250. All participants will be considered for publication. The contest is free to everyone and the deadline is September 1st. Maybe you are the poet who has written two or three hundred love letters to the sky, as well as the occasional telegram to Earth, Water, and Fire; please only send one poem or flash fiction. Submissions are no longer being accepted.