[Definitions to] Words in Danger
[of Falling out of the Vocabulary]

by Eric Lindley and Joe Milazzo


v., aux 1. You get it; your arms, even, know the dance. It’s so ingrained that the hoop they form looks good even in the shadow-scraped stucco walls of a southern dwelling. You dance like electrons pulled through the conduits of addiction—a horrible and boring...

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Jesper Andreasson, Amy Bagwell, Nancy Christopherson, Marisa P. Clark, Cynthia Good, James Grinwis, Susan Haar, Alison Hazle, William Heath, Elizabeth Carrothers Herron, Matt Hohner, Cory Hutchinson-Reuss, Emily Hyland, Clara Jeske, Natalie Jill, Sheree La Puma, Lisa Lewis, Terry Lucas, Kathy McMullen, Pete Miller, Jose Oseguera, Gregory Pelley, Kimberly Ann Priest, Mary Lynn Reed, Michael Rogner, Batya Rossberg, Jacqueline Schaalje, Beate Sigriddaughter, Jocelyn Ulevicus, Austin Veldman

Cover art by Saraiya Kanning

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Amy Bagwell’s Ode to 2020

Amy Bagwell’s Ode to 2020

are these early bumblebees mating? no. they’re dyingof thirst I learn when I forget not to look anything upuntil this long year of universal hallucination is donewith us. ready with eggs these queens wake from winterwith the first flowers. they must find nectar and...

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