[Definitions to] Words in Danger
[of Falling out of the Vocabulary]

by Eric Lindley and Joe Milazzo


v., chiefly intrans.1. To utter a loud, harsh cry after filling one’s lungs with reflected moonlight, the panic of moth wings, or some similarly poetic (i.e., identified with the penumbral) material.As in, “What if God should dark?”2. To expectorate milkily.As In,...

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Devon Balwit, Laurie Blauner, S.T. Brant, Scott Brennan, Floyd Collins, Susan Eyre Coppock, Heather Nelson, Ilari Pass, Matthew Raymond, Alan Reese, Robert Sachs, Gion Davis, Heather Dearmon, Dan Fliegel, Pamela Gullard, Max Heinegg, Stephen Hundley, Jan LaPerle, Xioaly Li, Lisa Low, Becka McKay, Michael Salcman, Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Tim Suermondt, Leona Sevick, Edgar Gabriel Silex, Elle Cee Wallace, Richard Weaver, Guinnote Wise, Brenna Womer

Cover art by Sandro Pappas

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Issue 14 Cover Art: Saraiya Ruano Kanning

Issue 14 Cover Art: Saraiya Ruano Kanning

We're so happy to have Tucson artist Saraiya Ruano Kanning for the Issue 14 cover. Saraiya is also a short story writer and musician. Her story "Awakening" appeared in Issue 6. The new issue will probably appear in June. It features Kimberly Ann Priest, Lisa Lewis,...

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