Come to the X


About the Book

Julia Wendell’s Come to the X starts with an earthquake and ends with a demolition. In between is the elusive canter, in all its guises, at times extended, at times collected, but never quite reaching an elastic middle, despite the author’s hands, heels, curses, and gentle urgings. Wendell is fear-less in the irons, and she writes with a merciful and elegant pen about an old military drill—the sport of three-day eventing—in a modern era—with its heroes, its clowns, its suffering dreams, and especially, its ghosts.

“This book overflows with gusto. Julia Wendell’s passions come into sharp focus as she competes against fellow riders, herself, and time.” —Michael Downs, author of The Greatest Show


Praise for Finding My Distance

“The motorcycles in Julia Wendell’s Finding My Distance have long necks and coffin bones. Like philosopher / biker Robert Pirsig before her, Wen-dell’s zen and the art of horses is based on the day to day maintenance, but unlike him, hers includes leaving the ground, and the thrill of being lost in a timeless moment, trusting only her horse to bring her back.” —Allegheny Almanac