Puzzling Through the News


Stories by Pat Rushin

In Puzzling Through the News Pat Rushin examines, with humor and compassion, the lives of average Americans trying to make love work in the face of all the other obstacles that make love unworkable.

“Patrick Rushin is a charmer. The style of Puzzling Through the News is often telegraphic; messages are by turns hilarious and heart-constricting.”

—John Barth

“I knew [Rushin] was a fine writer … Nothing I ever knew of him or expected prepared me for the humanity, humor, breadth and balance he demonstrates here. No character passes through his stories without scrutiny … their sideways glances and perplexed comments so precisely observed.”

—Philip F. Deaver

“… this is a long overdue debut by an important writer … Rushin’s an original, energetic, tough, comical, gifted writer and his book should be bought, read, reviewed, discussed and republished …”

—Stephen Dixon