Why is it So Hard to Kill You? by Barrett Warner




63 pages
Somondoco Press 2016

…TERRIFIC FUN TO READ … “Barrett Warner’s poems are characteristically a mixture of the Marx Brothers, Russell Edson and James Tate, with touches of Dorothy Parker and H.P. Lovecraft—which is to say they really aren’t like anyone else’s. I think they’re terrific fun to read and, for such entertainments, wise about both heart and head.” – ED OCHESTER Editor, Pitt Poetry Series “This book made me smash my head repeatedly into the sharp edge of my desk.” – RUSSEL SWENSEN The Magic Kingdom “Life may be labor, but Warner’s poems do not lose their openness to experiencing every moment. Why be merciful when time isn’t? He drinks the kerosene haunting a sleep that can’t always tell the difference between dreams and nightmares. These poems woke me up.” – TRACY DIMOND I Want Your Tan

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